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Avengers K Avengers Vs Ultron Rp.450.000
Avengers Rage Of Ultron Rp.475.000
Avengers Assemble The Forgeries Of Jealousy Rp.375.000
The Avengers Ultron Forever Rp.375.000
All New X-Men The Utopians Rp.475.000
All New X Men All Different Rp.500.000
Amazing Fantastic Incredible Stan Lee Rp.350.000
Age Of Heroes Heroic Age Rp.400.000

Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier The Man On The Wall Rp.375.000

Captain America Forever Allies Rp.475.000
Captain America Castaway In Dimension Z Book Two Rp.400.000
Captain America Mighty Avengers Last Days Rp.375.000
Civil War Fantastic Four Rp.475.000
Civil War Wolverine Rp.475.000
Civil War Frontline Rp.375.000

Deadpool Axis Rp.400.000
Deadpool Flashbacks Rp.400.000

Guardians Of The Galaxy Through The Looking Glass Rp.400.000
Guardians Of The Galaxy Original Sin Rp.400.000
Guardians Team Up Rp.400.000
Groot Rp.500.000

Hawkeye Rp.675.000

Iron Man 2.0 Palmer Addley Is Dead Rp.375.000

Kick Ass 2 Prelude Hit Girl Rp.325.000

Spawn No.3 Todd McFarlane Rp.60.000
Superior Iron Man Infamous Rp.400.000
Superior Iron Man Stark Contrast Rp.400.000
Secret Wars Warzones Hail Hydra Rp.375.000
Secrets Wars Battleworld Star Lord And Kitty Pride Rp.375.000
Secret Wars Warzones Age Of Apocalypse Rp.375.000
Secret Wars Warzones Spider Island Rp.375.000

Teen Titans A Kids Game No.1 Rp.50.000
The Uncanny Avengers Lost Future Rp.400.000
The Death Of Captain America The Burden Of Dreams Rp.350.000

Uncanny X-Men Revolution Rp.475.000
Uncanny X-Men Broken Rp.475.000

Web Warriors Spider Verse Rp.375.000

X-Men First To Last Rp.400.000
X-Men War Machines Rp.375.000